Ashland Industrial Park

Ashland Area Development Corporation (AADC) partners with others such as the Mayor of Ashland, City Planning and Development Dept. staff, City Administrator and Building Inspector in the process of helping a business locate or expand in Ashland's Industrial Park. 

Sites are available for sale in the Industrial Park. The Ashland Industrial Park, located on the city’s east side, provides full infrastructure and encompasses 306 acres. Water, sanitary sewer, stormwater drainage, paved streets, electric, natural gas and high-speed data and communications are all available in the park. 

The park is located on a truck route, Highway 2 provides easy access to sites. Located below is a map that shows 18 businesses or properties which received some type of assistance from AADC.  You can locate them by the numbered dots on the map. For more information on available sites or other questions please contact us.